How Did Your Neighborhood Vote? Portland's Mayoral Election Results Mapped

The final election results by precinct are out, so we've compiled them into a handy map. This is a pretty rough version—we'll have an interactive one with all the candidates and other fancy features in the next day or two—but this one shows which of the top three candidates won which precincts.

Things to note: 

Charlie Hales won all of west Portland as well as the battle for the Kremlin—the inner-eastside neighborhoods that are liberal and often affluent: Irvington, Alameda and Laurelhurst. 

Jefferson Smith won much of East Portland, his political base, as well as many inner-eastside precincts, including those covering the King, Humboldt and Woodstock neighborhoods. 

In all, Hales won 53 precincts (orange in the map below); Smith, 46 (green); and Eileen Brady, two (blue). Hales and Smith tied in one (gray).


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