Portland Police Association President Daryl Turner has published a long, detailed and yet still raw-feeling screed directed at the leadership of the Portland Police Bureau, including Chief Mike Reese, Lt. Robert King and Mayor Sam Adams.

Turner's beef? Adams' decision to ignore an arbitrator's ruling and fire Officer Ron Frashour, who two years ago shot an unarmed man, Aaron Campbell (pictured). The union leader also alleges duplicitous conduct by bureau leaders.

WW has asked King, who is also the bureau's top spokesman, for a response, and we'll update this post when we get one.

Turner's letter appears in the PPA newsletter, The Rap Sheet:

"Officer Frashour and his family have been betrayed and vilified by the Bureau command staff and Mayor Adams.  Seemingly, their interests were not transparency, truth, or integrity of the process but rather political motivation and self-interest. The rank and file of the Portland Police Bureau have lost faith in their leaders’ ability to honor the process that is supposed to ensure transparency, integrity, and equity.Five times independent bodies have ruled on Officer Frashour’s use of deadly force.  Each time they have concluded that Officer Frashour did nothing wrong."

If this seems a little tone-deaf to community concerns over the Campbell shooting, consider that Turner goes on to equate the loss felt by Campbell's family following his death to that of Frashour, whom Turner says has been "betrayed and vilified" by bureau leaders and Mayor Adams.

"Now two families are devastated," Turner writes.

Much of Turner's ire falls on King specifically.

"There is no underestimating the role of Lt. Robert King in producing the Bureau’s disastrously bad disciplinary decision. Lt. King wrote the entire portion of the Training Division review dealing with Officer Frashour’s conduct when using deadly force, and made the conclusion that Officer Frashour violated his training.

By way of speculation, Turner tosses out a few rumors about the case, too:

"I’ve heard a lot of the offered theories. Many start with the belief that Mayor Adams … made it clear to Chief Reese, possibly before his appointment as Chief, that Officer Frashour would have to be fired."