In today's Scoops' out for Summer, we send one of our long-suffering interns to the Saturday Market, because we'd prefer not to go ourselves. 

Great Northwest Ice Cream Co.
Portland Saturday Market, 108 W Burnside St. (on the waterfront side, near the fountain and the stage),

Price per scoop: $3
Most popular flavor: Marionberry
The person in front of me: Parents trying to distract their kids with ice cream
Best for: families

Amidst the pomp and toil of vendors hawking items bizarre and useless at the Saturday Market lies a refreshingly familiar sight: an ice cream stand. Great Northwest Ice Cream Co. eschews the exotic and counterculture aesthetic of the market, offering a modest array of perfectly mundane flavors. While many come to the market for something a little more “Portland,” like tie-dye pants or a necklace made with a bicycle license plate, this place offers a welcome reprieve—especially for the parents waiting in line while their kids whine about how they want to go home. A single bite of this rich, sweet ice cream brings a smile to the face of each and every child. Shuts ‘em up, too.

After a quick perusal of the available flavors, I settled on the peanut butter cup. Rich and creamy with large broken chunks of my favorite chocolate candy bar, it reminded me of steady diet of blizzards growing up. A more discerning palate might be able to taste the difference between Great Northwest and Dairy Queen, but I could not. Delicious is delicious.

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