The long regional nightmare is over. Raymond Felton is a Knick.

You knew that already. Doubtless you spent the weekend binge-eating in celebration. But Portland's relief at the Blazers trading the "portly malcontent" has garnered national notice—especially in his new home of New York City.

It's just a footnote to the Big Apple's general horror at losing Jeremy Lin because Knicks owner James Dolan's feelings were hurt, or something. But it's a very funny footnote.

For example, New York magazine's Will Leitch greets Felton this way:

At face value, it's not a terrible trade; Thomas is better than

Jeffries, and you can never have enough point guard depth, even if that

point guard has, in the words of the Kids in the Hall, considerable navel depth.

But the prize for best line goes to Jay Caspian Kang of Deadspin, who asks the following rhetorical question:

Have the people of Portland ever encountered a person they hated more than Raymond Felton?

Judging from this sign, which we encountered last night in Multnomah Village, the answer is "probably not."

Another successful cultural export from Portland to New York! Raymond, please give my regards to Adrienne Jeffries.