Portland gay bar CC Slaughters has decided where it stands on the issue of banning bachelorette parties. The new policy is this: it's fine to be a bachelorette. Just don't throw it in our faces.

Gay bars in May heard renewed calls from clientele to ban bachelorette parties after popular West Hollywood bar the Abbey announced its ban in the name of marriage equality. CC Slaughters, arguably the most popular Portland gay bar for bachelorettes, initially waffled on its bachelorette policy, saying the bar is "a non-discriminatory business" and hadn't yet made a decision. (See WW's June 20 story "Screaming Ban Shes")

In the end, CC Slaughters decided not to ban bachelorette parties, but it declared that accompanying attire— veils, tiaras, penis hats—must be removed at the door. The policy doesn't go as far as the Abbey's, which bans bachelorette parties outright. According to CC Slaughters' policy posted this month: 

"As of August 2012, CC Slaughters will no longer be permitting the admittance of guests in bachelorette party attire. CC Slaughters defines bachelorette party attire as including, but not limiting to: clothing, accessories and costume jewelry promoting and/or referencing bachelorettes brides or weddings. Because CC Slaughters is a non-discriminatory establishment, this policy does not restrict the admittance of bachelorette groups, only the accompanying attire."

Reaction on Facebook to a photo of the posted policy has been mostly positive, although some have pointed out it smacks of the "don't flaunt it" mentality often held about gay people.

In a statement, CC Slaughters marketing director Steven Fosnaugh told WW that the "majority of [CC Slaughters] patrons are prohibited under Oregon Law from entering into a marriage with the one they love. To put it plainly, they're gay. So, when parties of bachelorettes walk through the doors of a gay nightclub, branded from head-to-toe in prenuptial garb and there to celebrate their upcoming marriage, many of our patrons were taking offense to it. This was creating an issue that CC Slaughters and many within the LGBTQ community felt very strongly about. The 'Bachelorette Attire Policy' was created to address this issue."