We're drinking the flagship craft beer from every state in the Union, counting down from 50-1, to find which is home to the President of Beers.

#49: Shipyard Export Ale: Shipyard Brewing Company, Portland, Maine.

State: The northeasternmost state in the Union, Maine enjoys a reputation as the frozen, moose-ridden ancestral home of the Bush clan and the country's lobster industry.

Brewery: Originally started as a brew pub in Kennebunkport in 1992, Shipyard Brewing Company moved into a larger facility in Portland shortly thereafter. Currently the 17th largest microbrewery in the country, you can find their swill in 43 states, extending as far west as The Real Portland. 

Beer: This light, golden ale launched with Shipyard itself in 1992. It's slightly sweet flavor and modest 5.1% ABV make it an innocuous choice whenever you simply need a beer.

Difficulty of Obtaining in Oregon: Easy. Check your local beer emporium.

Average Score: 49.3

Portland, OR

The greatest fucking city in the United States. There aren't any jobs there, but the people, parks, coffee, indie music, proximity to excellent hydroponic weed and general vibe of the place make up for it. I can't believe I left and am going back as soon as possible.

-Jeffrey C. Gillespie

Portland, maine

the best motherfucking city in the world. where you can live, eat, play, and fuck, within a 5 mile radius. portland maine is the OG portland. the munjoy hill district is possibly the best place to hang out. EVAR. oregon stole portland from us, because they couldn't come up with their own fucking name. those ore-fags.

dude, portland, maine is THE shit. like, fo realz.


portland east

portland east refers to portland, maine. while portland, west refers to portland, oregon. Ptown in Maine is going through a pretty cool scene right now, i.e. a lot of underground stuff. It's pretty sweet. If you ever find yourself in Portland East check out the old port. there's a lot of sick shops and places to get grub. tons of interesting people down here too. you get the idea.


Portland East

What people from Portland, Maine, call the city to make it sound cool when it really isn't. It is synonymous with 'jealous poser' because Portland, Oregon, took its name and did it the right way.

Gertrude: "Ya man, I'm from Portland East."

Malone: "What the fuck? You mean East Portland? Like Burnside, Mt. Hood, the Trailblazers and shit?"

Gertrude: "No, Portland, Maine. We have a cool indie scene..."

Malone shivs Gertrude in the neck.

Malone: "Portland North East, ho."


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