Yesterday the Oregon League of Conservation Voters endorsed State Rep. Jefferson Smith (D-East Portland) in the mayor's race. That's a coup for Smith, who already earned endorsements from other enviro groups including the Sierra Club and Bike Walk Vote.

Jefferson Smith is the environmental candidate
challenges conventional wisdom
That’s the type of leadership we need.”
Columbia River Crossing Project
Labors Local 483
“I have an idea that I want to pitch to y’all, and ask for friends of ours to work on, and that is getting on the same side of the table in a public way, around what has now been adopted as the dominant frame while we’re not doing maintenance.

So what if we took the Sierra Club and Bike Walk Vote and the Oregon League of Conservation Voters and the Bicycle Transportation Alliance and other partners, and we put together a 1,000 to 2,000 volunteer force and made a holiday of filling in potholes. And it ain’t that expensive. In fact we sketched out the plan for this and I think we can get it done for 18 grand. I would be, as mayor, helpful in doing it, and I’ve got a non-profit that I help start [The Bus Project] that we can recruit, and we’re putting together the strongest grass-roots campaign in the history of this city, we got 145 house parties and we have 3,000 individual donors and I think we could put together the kind of thing to say, ‘Look who’s on your side.’”

Richard Beetle, the business manager for Laborers Local 483
that would be contracting out our work,"
mayor cannot just assign city tasks to volunteers.