President of Beers: The Voters

Meet the panel of experts that rated your state's beer

We're halfway through revealing the election results of the President of Beers. Some of you have expressed frustration, irritation, and good, old-fashioned outrage at the candidate selected to represent your state and its lackluster finish.

We assure you that the reason we picked your candidate is clearly explained in the introduction. And the voters? Well, now that we've let you vent a bit, here's who picked the winners and losers.

Hilary Berg, the editor of the Oregon Wine Press, was born and raised in Wichita, Kan. Berg and her husband own Roots Wine Company and live on the estate vineyard outside of Yamhill. See Hilary's work at

John Chandler
has been a working Portland journalist since 1995. He usually writes about beer, bars, bands, and horror movies. He has been gainfully employed at Portland Monthly since 2005, and, despite a public outcry, continues to play bass in two bands, Giant Bug Village and Mr. Howl. On the advice of his attorney, he will say nothing about his tax returns. 

Martin Cizmar is Willamette Week's Arts & Culture editor. He regularly writes about beer for the newspaper.

Anne Marie DiStefano is a freelance writer and the restaurant critic for the Portland Tribune. Her work has appeared in VIA, Food Network Magazine, and Travel Portland Magazine, and she has judged competitions involving potatoes, cocktails, karaoke, crawfish and pickles.

Legendary beer writer Fred Eckhardt has a Hair of the Dog beer named in his honor. We were honored to drink with him. If you don't know Fred, you can read more about him here


Ezra Johnson-Greenough a.k.a. Samurai Artist is the founder of events such as Portland Beer Week and the Portland Fruit Beer Festival. In the meantime he writes beer news site The New School and designs beer labels for breweries like Upright Brewing.

A native New Jerseyman (Jerseyan? Jerseyite?) who had the supreme pleasure of growing up on the outskirts of Beervana instead, Willamette Week's intern extraordinaire John Locanthi likes beer. Loves it even. His degree from the University of Oregon and strong work ethic have occasionally helped him pay off his bar tabs.

John Lovegrove is a native New Zealander and longtime Portlander who loves touring breweries. So much so that he once went to 50 Portland-area breweries in a single day.

Lisa Morrison, The Beer Goddess, is a writer, blogger and host of Beer O'Clock: the radio show for people who love great beer. She is the author of Craft Beers of the Pacific Northwest released April 2011.

Sarah Pederson grew up in the great beer drinking state of Wisconsin but didn't fall in love with beer until she moved to Oregon, where she learned about all the flavors and colors found in Belgian and Craft beers. "My favorite thing about craft beer is its power to create community and jobs," says Pederson, named one of five Portlanders reinventing the joy of drinking beer. "If I wasn't a Publican I'd probably tend bar somewhere or run a doggy day care that had a couple of taps for dog owners." She owns popular Portland beer bar Saraveza.

Ben Waterhouse is a former Willamette Week editor and current communications hack for Oregon Humanities. He was born in Massachusetts, but has lived in Oregon since well before his first brew, and categorically dismisses all east-coast beers as the devil's work. He misses Bachelor ESB something fierce.

Brian Yaeger writes about beer for lots of reputable magazines—and also for Willamette Week. He's an advocate for nip-size tasters and wrote a book that profiles some of the nation's most interesting craft brewers, which you can buy here.  

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