President of Beers: #16

Moose Drool Brown Ale: Big Sky Brewing Co., Missoula, Montana

We're drinking the flagship craft beer from every state in the Union, counting down from 50-1, to find which is home to the President of Beers.

#16 Moose Drool Brown Ale: Big Sky Brewing Co., Missoula, Montana

State: Montana is another one of those rugged western states with the north end of the Rockies and a seemingly endless skyline in the horizon–hence the nickname “Big Sky Country.” It’s also one of the last states where the Fred Meyers grocery stores have hitchin’ posts for horses. In 2012, Montana jumped to second place nationally in capita per breweries. Much like first place Vermont, their standing is helped by no one living in the state. But 32 breweries is a respectable amount for any state.

Brewery: The tale of Big Sky begins with a group of college boys at the University of Montana talking about starting up a brewery. They produced and starred in a local cable access program called "Beer Talk" and Bjorn Nabozney—a name that just screams beer—dedicated his senior project to a business plan for a brewery. Big Sky Brewing Co. became a reality in 1995 and is one of the 50 largest craft breweries today.

Beer: The second beer brewed by Big Sky back in 1995, Moose Drool bills itself as one of the nation's most drinkable dark beers.

Difficulty of Obtaining in Oregon: Easy. Your chain grocery store has it.

Rating: 69.5

Malts, malts, malts, and malts. Moose Drool is brewed with four malts, and it comes equipped with a malty aroma, a malty nose, and a malty aftertaste. It pours a thick, dark amberish brown. It's a testament to proper hopping that Moose Drool can be this malty without descending into the malaise of sweetness. It's bitter, especially in the aftertaste. And, y'know, malts. 

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