The most hotly anticipated restaurant of 2012 is finally here: Sam Adams' former lover Beau Breedlove's French dance cafe is now open at the South Waterfront.

According to the website, Beau Breedlove's French dance cafe is "A place to gather and enjoy the pace of a forgone [sic] era of class and sophistication." 

The menu is a $26 three-course prix fixe, with dishes such as "delicately hammered chicken, with a lemon-caper cream and potatoes," beef bourguignon, and "fresh gnocchi, presented in a fig balsamic reduction."

Beau Breedlove's French dance cafe also offers four "signature cocktails" designed with the assistance of a "house perfumer."

Early Yelp reports are glowing and almost certainly not written by friends of Beau Breedlove:

"The vibe worked on a number of levels to create a really rich emotional experience for me. Although I know that the owners must have paid painstaking care and attention to every aspect required to create this atmosphere, it was so seamless that all I felt was a natural grace that drew me in and made me and my companion a part of it. All of the sensory details were just perfect, working in sync - music, views, taste, texture, scent. ""The atmosphere is delightfully French. The owner, Beau, has done a great job decorating and designing a menu that appeals to all. There is even room for a little dance on a romantic evening. You will love it all !!"