Cartoonist Jack Ohman Leaving Oregonian

Jack Ohman has drawn his last cartoon for The Oregonian.

Ohman, who has won virtually every major award in journalism for political cartooning and was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize this year, announced his departure on Facebook today:

His departure is effective today—depriving readers of his increasingly piquant depiction of the coming electoral apocalypse.

Ohman says he'll announce his next career stop on Wednesday afternoon.

"I have a couple of opportunities that are really interesting," Ohman told WW. "But I'm really sad to be leaving the place I've spent my entire adult life."

Ohman says the arrival of a new publisher and editorial page editor in recent years did not affect his work.

"They've never censored me and I've never had a cartoon killed," Ohman says. "[New editorial page editor] Erik Lukens has let me do anything I want."

It is the second major departure from the paper today, following state capitol bureau reporter Michelle Cole taking a public relations job.

Although Ohman spent more than half his life at the daily, he's departing at a time when he thinks he's doing the best work he's ever done.

"I don't want anyone to worry about me," he says. "I feel like I'm at the peak of my career."

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