Former KPOJ Host Carl Wolfson Hunting for a New Station

"I'm not going anywhere," he tells WW.

 Former progressive talk-radio host Carl Wolfson says he's been busy meeting with potential backers to return him to the airwaves since KPOJ-AM 620 switched to an all-sports format Nov. 9.

"I would love to be the voice for progressive talk radio in this city," Wolfson says. "We're looking for a way, a model, a station. I'm not going anywhere."

Station owner Clear Channel, partly owned by notorious investment firm Bain Capital, has brought syndicated Fox Sports shows to KPOJ.

Wolfson says his show "made money consistently," but Clear Channel's business strategy is to synchronize content to attract national advertising buys.

"It's an oligarchy," Wolfson says. "Local radio's getting pushed out. We can't be satisfied with no progressive talk in a city this progressive. There's something wrong with the market model that allows this to happen."

Wolfson's Facebook page has been flooded with outraged comments since his dismissal. (Sample: "What am I supposed to listen to now? I am so angry I can't see straight.") BlueOregon blog founder Kari Chisholm has started an online petition, Save KPOJ

The former host of "Carl in the Mornings" is moved by the outpouring, and wants his listeners to know he's fine—his schedule is packed with coffee meetings about potential new airwave homes.

"I always knew we had a loyal audience," Wolfson says, "but the depth of their feeling is touching to me. Is there still time to run for mayor? Do I have a shot?"

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