To Woo Jobs, Kitzhaber Will Convene Special Legislative Session: Updated

Sources say company involved is Nike

Gov. John Kitzhaber has the state speculating this morning about an 11 am press conference he'll hold in the Capitol to convene a Dec. 17 special session.

In the past 15 years, Oregon governors, including Kitzhaber, have typically called special sessions in times of great budget distress.

But three sources this morning told WW that this time Kitzhaber needs lawmakers to weigh in on an economic development opportunity that involves thousands of jobs in Washington County. It is unclear whether the governor needs lawmakers to help retain existing jobs or to pony up incentives to attract new jobs, or both.

Kitzhaber's spokesman, Tim Raphael, was not available for comment.

Stay tuned.

Updated at 10:48 am: Sources familiar with Kitzhaber's message say the governor will push for statutory changes that will promote job retention and creation at Nike, whose world headquarters is in Washington County.

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