Guy Toting an AR-15 in Southeast PDX Does This All The Time

One of the two men stopped by Portland police yesterday carrying assault weapons does this all the time, all over the state.

Medford resident Warren R. Drouin, 22, keeps a YouTube channel called Markedguardian, festooned with the Libertarian "Don't Tread on Me" snake and hosting videos of Drouin and other friends carrying Bushmasters and other weapons in Medford, Talent, Albany, Grants Pass and Ashland.

In every case, he brings in 911 calls from concerned passersby.

And less than a month in time (and seven miles in distance) away from the mass shooting at Clackamas Town Center, he got his fair share in Portland.

"Officers explained to the men that they would likely continue to generate 9-1-1 calls from an alarmed public, which would require a police response, but neither man seemed interested in these concerns," Portland police spokesman Sgt. Pete Simpson wrote in a press release.

Portland police also noted in the release that Drouin had been toting his AR-15 in Gresham the day before.

In one video, Drouin speaks with Talent officers, who react to the man's presence with some concern.

Drouin tells the officer that he's here to remind people that open carry of rifles is legal in Oregon (it is).

"When we see a guy with an AR, I'm a little bit on my toes," the officer tells him. "It's not normal behavior, for most people."