John McAfee, Part 2: "The more ugly the woman, the better the sex."

John McAfee
(For Part 1 of this interview, on moving to Portland, click here. For Part 3, on dealing with the media, click here.)

John McAfee

The international fascination with McAfee is due in part to the fact the Silicon Valley legend has made and lost more money than most people. But it's intensified when Belize authorities named a "person of interest" in the November murder of his neighbor Gregory Faull—followed by his flight from that country, his arrest in Guatemala, his deportation to the U.S., and his bizarre allegations about spying and terrorism conspiracies back in Belize.

McAfee has now surfaced in Portland to work on a graphic novel with local illustrator Chad Essley (who appears and speaks in this video interview).   

In what seems to be a natural progression of this story, The Hollywood Reporter broke the news yesterday that Warner Brothers will be making a movie about McAfee and has secured the rights to a profile of him that appeared in Wired Magazine last year.

In this portion of our interview with McAfee, which took place in a coffee shop on the east side, he talks about about how most people have the wrong idea about money and his "open hole" theory of capitalism.  

Then he started talking about sex.



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