Galactivated Portland guitarist Bibi McGill plays the Super Bowl Sunday

Portland yogi/guitarist/kale chip-maker backs Beyonce at the halftime show

Kale chips, cosmic love and a Gibson guitar: the tools of Portlander Bibi McGill's many trades. 

McGill, a child of the universe who calls the northwest home, will perform for more than 100 million people as Beyonce’s lead guitarist at this Sunday’s Super Bowl XLVII halftime show. 

And killer riffs are arguably the least intriguing of McGill’s many talents. The “galactivated” (her word, not ours) yogi/healthfood pioneer also studied at a prestigious Thai yoga haven and started her own kale chip company. When not touring with B or Pink, she teaches yoga at Root Whole Body and goes crystal shopping. In March McGill will speak on inspiring love at TedxConcordiaUPortland, the unofficial Rose City version of TedTalks. 

Next step: get Beyonce into Adho Mukha Svanasana. 

Willamette Week: How did you become a known speaker on love? 

Hmmmmm? I didn't know I was a known speaker of Love. I'm just not afraid to share the things that I believe in. Love is an energy, a frequency, the highest frequency, that of the Divine Oneness that is ALL things. There is nothing more important than LOVE. LOVE is all that matters. 

Tell us about your crusade to replace potato chips with kale chips. 

I started Bibi KALE Chips because there needs to be more high-vibrational, nutrient-dense, healthy and delicious snacks available as an alternative to the snacks that have been on the market for decades that only cause imbalance, sickness and disease. Bibi KALE Chips are made with LOVE. 

Do you do yoga with Beyonce? 

I can't say that Beyonce does yoga. Not yet! I have been known to lead us all in a few yogic stretches during our prayer circle before we all go on stage. This year I've moved from being the musical director for the past 5 years to being the "point of contact" sharing health and wellness with anyone and everyone on our touring team who is interested. This includes yoga and lot's of people are interested. As well, I'm introducing all open hearts to other alternative forms of healing like Doterra essential oils and gem and mineral crystals. We're at a time where people are running towards the light! 

Your bio for TedxConcordiaUPortland mentions "galactivated," what exactly does that mean? 

Galactivated is just a word I came up with. It means I AM a multi-dimensional manifestor who takes responsibility for creating my life the way I want it with the focus of what is in the highest good of ALL. I am connected to the Creative Life Force energy within all things, having respect for all Living Beings. I came from the Stars. I have my feet on the ground. I live in my Heart. I'm not perfect. I AM LOVE. 

You've reached the friend maximum on Facebook. (Yes, there is a maximum number of friends you can have on Facebook.) What do you do as a normal person with your friends in real life? 

I enjoy a lot of things. I have few friends but like a lot of people and am open to sharing good, uplifting vibes with everyone. I love being in nature. I love my dog Rock-it! I love being in Kauai, Hawaii. I am mostly a recluse and take the time needed to be alone and stay in touch with what is important without creating distractions for myself. I choose to spend time with people who like to eat healthy, play with crystals and essential oils, do yoga and have ceremony and ritual. Dancing is a plus too. I choose to surround myself with positive people who can encourage and inspire one another to grow and evolve! 

I'm proud and grateful to have Portland as my home base. There are wonderful things happening with people in PDX!

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