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Kevin Mannix Seeks Help Keeping Oregon Safe

Kevin Mannix—who may be best known for his campaigns for attorney general, governor and U.S. Congress—was a prolific lawmaker in the 1980s. But Mannnix, now a Salem lawyer, has driven big changes in public policy most recently through ballot initiatives. He wrote Measure 11, the 1994 law that established mandatory minimum sentences for violent crimes. Last year, Mannix pushed Measure 84, which would have ended Oregon's estate taxes. Voters rejected that measure by a margin of 54 percent to 46 percent.

But Mannix, who's currently in hot water with the Oregon Department of Justice over his work for a controversial non-profit, has never let defeat deter him. As Gov. John Kitzhaber looks to cut corrections costs, Mannix recently circulated an email to supporters, looking for his next ballot measure opportunity.