Ex-KPAM Talk Show Host Victoria Taft Says Pamplin Didn't Give a Reason for Firing Her

Conservative KPAM (860 AM) talk show host Victoria Taft says she wasn't told by the company's owner and CEO why her eight-year run on the Portland station was ending.

"I have no idea!" she tells WW in an email.

Taft hosted her last show Thursday. She had a small, but dedicated following on the AM station, which ran her show weekdays from noon to 3 pm.

She did speculate that her firing could be tied posts on her blog written by a retired Multnomah County sheriff's Captain, Bruce McCain, about a man named Robert Alvey who allegedly faked an online identity to harass people.

Taft added that station owner Robert Pamplin told her that wasn't why she was let go. It's been a tough time for radio hosts with a point of view, as Taft's liberal counterpart Carl Wolfson can attest.

"Might have another job already," she adds, without specifying where. "I wish everyone could be so fortunate in this horrible economy."


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