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The Best Dolphin Tattoo You'll See All Day

Photos from Vancouver's Body Art Expo

Tattoo needles aren’t loud, but the sound of 100 buzzing at once actually drowned out Green Day’s “Basket Case” playing over emo-styled speakers in Vancouver, Wash. last weekend. 

Tatted teens, parents pushing strollers and a bearded man in a top hat who answers to the name “Ink Pimp” took over Vancouver’s Clark County Event Center for a “Body Art Expo” featuring the band Paranapuss and a hot ass contest. The scent of hot dogs and bison jerky wafted majestically through the air as the Ink Pimp emceed a “best back” tattoo contest featuring one otherwise clean-cut middle-aged man with a massive underwater landscape covering half his body. 

As attendees flipped through look books and shared sympathetic looks with fellow human canvases, we took photos.