Fluoridation Trails by Nine Points in KATU Poll

Ballot Measure 26-151, which would fluoridate Portland's water supply, trails by nine points in a survey released tonight by WW's news partner KATU

The poll, conducted by Survey USA of 800 Portlanders and 600 likely voters, is the first poll released this year in advance of the May 21 election. It shows 48 percent of people polled planned to vote against fluoride, while 39 percent will vote for it.

Polling last August suggested the two sides were essentially tied.

KATU is also reporting that the fluoridation measure is especially unpopular with minorities—only 30 percent of African-American and Asian voters surveyed support it, and its popularity with Latino voters surveyed is at a dismal 9 percent.

That's noteworthy because both sides claim minority and low-income populations will be most affected by fluoridation—and because the pro-fluoride campaign, Healthy Kids, Healthy Portland, has doled out $143,000 to seven minority organizations to help promote fluoride. WW first reported those payments in April