One Door of Perception Closes, Another Opens

Ray Manzarek is gone, but is Jim Morrison still with us...and living in rural Oregon?

Yesterday, the world lost Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek, who succumbed to cancer at age 74. While I went through a major Doors period at one point in my life—and will still contend the band is unfairly maligned in modern rock-crit consciousness—Manzarek also championed and produced X, my favorite band ever. For that, in addition to his many other musical accomplishments, he will be missed.

But then, there's a chance that he's not really gone. Maybe he's just working on a farm somewhere in Oregon with his old buddy Jim.

As everyone knows, rock stars don't die. They just fake their own deaths, change their names and move to rural Eagle Point, Oregon

At least, that's what the video below proposes. As of two years ago, Jim Morrison was allegedly living about five hours south of Portland under the name William James Loyer (although he named his ranch the Jim Morrison Sanctuary, which doesn't seem too smart, but then, ol' Jimbo wasn't quite famous for his intellect). The evidence is less than convincing, even after the poster—who goes by the handle "mjhdconspiracy"—uses some low-level video editing technology to place Morrison's face over that of Mr. Loyer. But then, he also has "amateur video" of Manzarek confirming the rumor himself, with no sarcasm whatsoever. So who knows?

Unfortunately, Morrison's opinion on fluoridation is unknown as of press time.