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Bus Project Leader In Eliot Spitzer Campaign Ad

Former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, forced to resign in 2008 because of a prostitution scandal, is attempting a political comeback. Spitzer, who rose to fame by targeting Wall Streeters as New York's attorney general, now wants to watch over New York City's pension funds as the City's comptroller.

But there's a surprising face in a new campaign ad Spitzer just released—Caitlin Baggott, the executive director of the Bus Project.

Baggott was surprised as anybody to see herself onscreen gazing adoringly—an appearance she attributes to footage recycling by the production company that cut a 2010 ad for then-candidate Gov. John Kitzhaber.

"Who knew! I shoulda asked for royalties," Baggott said via email when told of the Spitzer ad. "I must have signed my life away to an out of state ad firm that Kitzhaber hired for his 2010 race."

Baggott appears at 0:46, wearing the same earrings as in the picture above.