Newly elected Oregon Republican Party Chairman Art Robinson is hoping to collect a urine sample from everybody in Josephine County, according to a story in today's Grant's Pass Daily Courier.

"CAVE JUNCTION -- Art Robinson, the scientist who ran for Congress in 2010 and 2012 and who is now chairman of Oregon's Republican Party, wants your urine sample.

Every household in Josephine County recently received a mailing from Robinson's Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine asking for samples to continue his research with metabolic profiling, which he believes could "improve our health, our happiness and prosperity."

People simply send a coupon included in the mailer to Robinson, and in return they receive a sample container and box to mail the sample to the Institute.

"After the first couple of days we're very pleased with the results," said Robinson, who didn't reveal how many have agreed to send a sample.

Robinson said he's been studying body chemistry, health and longevity for 30-plus years, and once worked with former Oregon State University scientist Linus Pauling, a Nobel Prize winner.

"Modern urinalysis techniques can measure thousands of metabolic substances simultaneously and have potential to detect diseases long before symptoms appear. They can do so, however, only if they are calibrated with urine samples from people prior to the time that disease symptoms are evident," Robinson wrote in the mailer.
Jeff Duewel