Internet, Unsurprisingly, Falls in Love With Sir Stuffington, a One-Eyed Pirate Kitten from Portland

The internet's latest cumulative kitteh-based "squeee!" is a one-eyed kitten with a permanent snarl named Sir Stuffington—and the little bugger's from Portland.

According to his Facebook page—which has cleared 25,000 likes since joining on Sept. 16—he was brought into Multnomah County Animal Services as a stray six-week-old with calicivirus, a severe flea infestation, a heart murmur, a missing eye & a possible jaw fracture that has since healed.

The result is an ugly-cute face that threatens the supremacy of Grumpy Cat.

Sir Stuffington, whose owner is Portland resident Blazer Schaffer, has already been featured in Mother Jones, the Daily Mail and on local TV.

Here are some pictures, because that's what we really care about here:


Sir Stuffington's Facebook page says he wants to raise awareness about the importance of animal shelters. Schaffer is selling professional prints of Portland's one-eyed pirate kitten, with all proceeds going to Multnomah County Animal Services.