Cover Oregon Yanks "Long Live Oregonians" Ad Campaign

That was short-lived, Oregonians.

Cover Oregon drew national attention earlier this year for an advertising campaign from Portland agency North that pitched the state's health-insurance exchange as a utopian playland.

But with the exchange's website still not letting people apply for insurance, a Cover Oregon spokesman told the Associated Press today the state has suspended the "Long Live Oregonians" ad campaign.

Michael Cox says Cover Oregon's television and radio spots have been pulled, and billboards will come down when contracts expire. He adds that the state will reevaluate its advertising strategy next month.

WW reported in October that the state doubled its nearly $10 million taxpayer-funded advertising contract with North to more than $21 million.

Cox told WW that awareness surveys showed the need for more ads.

“As we moved forward we decided to invest much more heavily,” Cox says.  “We studied the baseline survey and realized the task in front of us was a real challenge.”

WW covered North's determinedly cheery ad campaign here

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