On the eve of a February legislative session which may see Gov. John Kitzhaber try once again to resurrect the $2.8 billion, Oregon-only Columbia River Crossing project, the environmental group 1000 Friends of Oregon has released a scathing 22-page review of the project, titled CRC Facts.

The report, which the Oregon League of Conservation Voters has also signed onto, found that CRC proponents have understated the risk to Oregon taxpayers; have consistently over-stated future traffic and thus tolling revenue; and have overstated the seismic risks and traffic safety risks of the current I-5 bridge corridor.

"After concluding this review of the available data, we urge legislators to vote against the current “Oregon Only” option," the report says. "It does not meet many of the most important interests of Oregon voters, and it exposes Oregon taxpayers to avoidable financial risk."

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