Breakside Makes Hilarious Tribute/Spoof of Commons Urban Farmhouse

A brand-new Portland Beer Guide hits streets tomorrow. That means we're in the last hours of the Commons Urban Farmhouse's reign as WW's Beer of the Year.

Today, we get word that Northeast Portland's Breakside is sending their friends off with a fitting tribute/spoof of Portland's go-to saison, which went on to win a silver medal at the Great American Beer Festival last year.

Say hello to Breakside's Suburban Farmhouse.

"Traditionally, Suburban Ales were brewed in garages and backyards in urban middle-class neighborhoods of America. These beers were born out of expendable income and free time as good commercial beer was readily available and affordable," the label says, possibly referencing the garage where Commons owner Mike Wright, who was a civil servant before he started brewing, made his first commercial batches. "Our rendition was developed in the spirit of that noble tradition. The beer pours with a copper hue and an aroma of freshly mown grass and old copies of Willamette Week Beer Guides. The Breakside Brewery is located in Portland and Milwaukie, Oregon. We are inspired by Affluent American tradition and imported ingredients."

Note that the Breakside Suburban Farmhouse will be an actual beer—specifically, a copper-colored saison made with Australian Topaz hops—that will be served on draft at Breakside's two locations and other beer bars starting February 12. 

Breakside recommends pairing the beer with "a wide range of dishes, including takeout pizza or any dish from the neighborhood association's annual potluck."

Both the Commons and Breakside labels are below.

If you'd like to be the first to try WW's 2014 Beer of the Year, and to get a copy of Portland Beer Guide 2014, which will be on streets tomorrow, head over to Ringler's in downtown Portland around 6 pm.


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