Jeremy Petersen Has Been Fired from OPB

Jeremy Petersen, longtime producer and host at OPB Radio, has been fired by Oregon Public Broadcasting. 

According to a post on Petersen's Facebook page, he was called into a meeting on Jan. 28 and told he was being let go. Though he writes that there is "nothing particularly juicy or scandalous to say about it," Petersen adds that he was "immediately locked out of seven years' worth of digital music files and industry contacts."

Morgan Holm, OPB's senior vice president and chief content officer, declined to comment specifically on Petersen's removal, but said OPB's music department is "moving in a different direction," with increased focus on online content, including more video segments and in-studio performances.

Petersen began working at OPB in 2007, hosting In House, a weekly program showcasing a mix of local and national music. In 2012, the show moved to a daily, online streaming format. 

Petersen's full Facebook note is below.