Call it the "One Shining Moment" of water and sewer spending videos.

Portlanders for Water Reform, the campaign backing a May ballot initiative to wrest control of Portland's utilities from City Hall, has released a highlight reel of spending hikes and dubious projects.

"This video reminds voters that City Hall still has their hand deep in the water/sewer cookie jar," says Kent Craford, co-petitioner for the initiative. "Yesterday's decision to spend another half million dollars in sewer funds on a new park shows that it's more urgent than ever to close the City Hall pet project slush fund; the Public Water District will do just that."

In an interview with WW this week, City Commissioner Nick Fish attacked the initiative, describing it as an effort by Craford and corporate interests to dodge environmental liabilities.

"Ride this anti-government wave," Fish said, "create a furor over some ill-advised decisions of the City Council, and change the game by switching back to taxpayers what would be the responsibility of ratepayers."

Judge for yourself: