Gun Owner Sues Portland Police Alleging Illegal Entry

A Portland man filed suit Friday against the Portland Police Bureau after officers entered his home without a warrant.

Clint Guttman, a doctoral student in Dental Medicine at Oregon Health and Science University, called police November 29 after he got into a fight with a tenant who rented a room in his house in Southeast Portland, according to the complaint filed in Multnomah Circuit Court.

Guttman, who has a concealed handgun permit, went to his room, grabbed a gun and called 911. Before officers arrived, his tenant had gone. A friend of the tenant later arrived to collect the man's belongings. As they began loading suitcases into a friend's car, the police arrived.

Seeing the officers outside his house, Guttman walked outside. Officer Jeromie Palaoro said he wanted to ask Guttman a few questions and motioned him towards the street. Guttman didn't move. They said they just wanted to talk, they just had a few questions, according to the complaint.

When Guttman went back inside and moved to close the door, Palaoro followed him then another officer followed. Guttman told him to leave, but Palaoro refused, according to the complaint. He said he knew Guttman had a gun and was staying to make sure his tenant's friend was safe.

They stayed until the tenant's friend had finished packing and driven away.

Guttman alleges the police trespassed on his property and invaded his privacy. He is seeking $10,000 in damanges. 

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