Portland is America's Only Livable City, According to Notable British Magazine

Portland has Earth's 23rd best quality of life. No other American city is pleasantly habitable.

Portland is the only city in America where citizens of the world should wish to live, according to Monocle, a prominent London-based magazine covering culture and global affairs.

It was the fourth-straight nod for Portland, which ranked No. 23, and was sandwiched between Lisbon and Oslo.

Vancouver B.C. was the only other city in the Americas to make the list, which was again topped by Copenhagen.

"This ever-cosy [sic] but industrious pocket of West Coast bohemia finds itself in the midst of a full-throttle building boom, mostly manifesting  as high-density mixed developments in its leafy central neighborhoods," wrote Monocle contributor Zach Dundas, who is also editor of Portland Monthly. "Vigorous lifestyles (one could theoretically ski and surf on the same day) and liberal outlooks (Oregon just joined the roster of states allowing same sex marriage) lend residents a healthy and somewhat self satisfied glow."

The magazine—available for $14 at Rich's Cigar Store—goes on to detail how much "rubbish" the city recycles ("90 per cent") and when the city's parks are available for recreation ("most open at 05.00").

The biggest downside of life in Portland? It needs "a better daily newspaper."

Dundas, for his part, says he didn't take that swipe at the Oregonian.

"They didn't consult me at all about that line," he says.

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