Peter Stott Spends Big on Lewis & Clark Landscaping

Recent visitors to Lewis & Clark College have noticed its handsome campus looks especially well-groomed this summer.

The story behind the lawn's sprucing-up traces back to Julie and Peter W. Stott.

Stott, president of the private equity firm Columbia Investments, has been spending a lot of money lately. 

Gov. John Kitzhaber's re-election campaign reported this week that Stott, a registered Republican, wrote a check for $10,000—the third check he's written to the Democratic candidate this year.  


Sources also tell WW that last week Stott married off his step-daughter on the lawns of Lewis & Clark after contributing  $250,000 to renovate the school's landscaping. 

Two sources also maintain that the wedding was organized and planned by the same firm that planned the wedding of reality star Kim Kardashian.

Stott is a more regular donor to his alma mater Portland State University. The Peter W. Stott Center athletic facility is named after him.


Stott could not be reached for comment. Lewis & Clark College spokesman Tom Krattenmaker would not comment specifically on Stott's gift.

"Last year we decided to start a trial program and allow a limited number of weddings in the gardens each summer," Krattenmaker tells WW. "There is no requirement to make a donation."

Stott made his dough first at as founder of the trucking company Market Transport, then as president of Crown Pacific, a timber giant. The company filed for bankruptcy in 2003. 

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