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The New York Times Makes Portland a Cocktail to Celebrate Its Appearance in The New York Times

It has kombucha.

If we had a glass of hard liquor for every time Portland gets name-checked in The New York Times…

Oh, wait: Now we do.

The Grey Lady garnered a lot of local eyeballs last week with a magazine thumbsucker asking whether Portland has fallen victim to the "amenity paradox"—the event horizon where the nice things that draw people to a city draw so many people that they use up all the nice things.

On Friday, The Times followed this bombshell with a beverage, dubbed "The Portland Paradox." The recipe contains gin, rhubarb liqueur, limoncello and—of course—kombucha.

"In our drink, created by Margaux Taylor, a Portland craft cocktailer, the clash between the sweet and the sour plays out in the glass," writes Claire Cain Miller, who also penned the original think piece. (She's a cousin of Portland thriller novelist Chelsea Cain.)

"Its base, of course," Miller continues, "is that quintessential drink of Portlanders and the people who wish they were: kombucha, the sour, stinky, probiotic-filled fermented tea."

Thanks, New York Times. We don't know what we've done to deserve this.