The Grant High School magazine has taken an in-depth look at Portland Public Schools' decision to relocate the students and staff from Northeast Portland to the mothballed Marshall High School campus in outer Southeast during a massive renovation in 2017.

The investigation by the student journalists found PPS' handling of the move wanting.

As Grant Magazine reporters Hunter Stewart and Koji Wieber put it:

"An examination by Grant Magazine has raised serious questions about the

upcoming move of Grant students, teachers and staff to Marshall. Interviews and public records show the decision conflicts with the

commitment to equity that PPS administrators say underpins everything

the district does; that the decision was made without engagement with

the full Grant community; and the option of moving to Jefferson High School, which is far closer than Marshall, was barely considered."

"'We're fortunate in many ways that Marshall is available," David Mayne, communications manager for the Office of School Modernization said. "There's a lot of school districts that just have nowhere to go. So we have this facility that's available, currently in really good shape and not being used. So it's actually a nice asset to actually have.'"

"The most disadvantaged [Grant] students are going to have

the hardest time getting to school every morning," Wieber said. "The

district as a whole has this equity statement saying they want to meet

the needs of every disadvantaged student. This is a decision where they

did not do that."