Behold Sugar Bob. 

Sugar Bob lives in Oregon's Applegate Valley, he's a deer, and he eats tons of weed. His best friend is a fat beagle named Trooper. Sugar Bob eats that bud like it's kale, and then he gets really sleepy. 

Because Sugar Bob? Sugar Bob is the best deer ever. And he's really stoned. And he is Oregon's spirit animal.

The beaver? Not so much. It is a highly industrious animal with an apparent seething hatred of both streams and trees. It's kind of like a petrochemical plant that way, and it's nothing like us. So, fuck the beaver, and long live Sugar Bob.

Some people from OPB went and found Sugar Bob in the valley, eating weed. Anyway, everybody likes Sugar Bob. If you don't like Sugar Bob, move to Idaho.

Additional reporting on this story was provided by Stage & Screen Editor Rebecca Jacobson.