Gov. John Kitzhaber Sworn in For Historic Fourth Term

Gov. John Kitzhaber was today sworn in for a historic fourth term as Oregon governor.

After being sworn in by Paul De Muniz, the former chief justice of the Oregon Supreme Court, Kitzhaber kissed his fiancee, first lady Cylvia Hayes, and addressed a joint session of the state House and Senate on the first day of the 78th Legislature.

The ceremony was as notable for who was not in attendance—any of Oregon's living former governors, Neil Goldshmidt, Barbara Roberts and Ted Kulongoski—for who was: both Hayes and Kitzhaber's unofficial adviser in chief, Patricia McCaig, were on the House floor.

Secretary of State Kate Brown was also absent, thanks to new security protocols that restrict joint appearances of the state's two top executives (Brown would replace Kitzhaber in the event he left office prior to the end of his term).

In his inaugural address, Kitzhaber, 67, touched on the need for Oregonians to work with common purpose; the reasons he entered politics 36 years ago; and the lessons he's learned from spending most of his adult life in the Capitol. 

Here is the text of Kitzhaber's speech:

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