Not long ago, former Speaker of the Oregon House Dave Hunt (D-Gladstone) was mentioned as a potential candidate for governor or other statewide office. Now, he's re-entering politics at a more modest level.

Hunt, 47, served as speaker in 2009, when House Democrats enjoyed a super-majority, outnumbering Republicans 36 to 24.

In 2010, voters turned against Democrats and left the House evenly split, 30 to 30 for the 2011 legislative session. In that year, then-state Rep. Arnie Roblan (D-Coos Bay) rather than Hunt served as the Democrat's co-speaker, sharing the House's gavel with then-state Rep. Bruce Hanna (R-Roseburg).

In 2012, Hunt chose not to run again for his House seat. Instead, he entered the race for Clackamas County chair but finished a surprising fourth in the primary behind John Ludlow, incumbent Charlotte Lehan and Paul Savas.

That brought at least a temporary end to Hunt's political career. He's now dipping his toe back in political waters as an appointed member of the Clackamas Community College board. Hunt was sworn in on Jan. 14 to replace Judith Ervin, who retired.

"I am excited to be a part of Clackamas Community College," Hunt told the board at Wednesday's meeting according to a college news release. "With the passage of the bond in November, I see an opportunity to make CCC the premier community college in the Pacific Northwest by more effectively serving our students, staff, businesses and community."

Hunt, who is the executive director of the Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition, a contractors association, is eligible to run for election in May to finish Ervin's term, which runs through 2017. His appointment was first reported by The Portland Tribune.