Every Friday (or whenever we get around to it), LocalCut collects the week's new Portland music and puts it all in one place for you, the faithful reader, to enjoy. It's like The Week In Rock, with less Tabitha Soren.

1. Natasha Kmeto, "The Only Time"

On her new interpretation of Nine Inch Nails’ “The Only Time,” talented Portland electro-R&B singer-producer Natasha Kmeto does well to demonstrate why Dave Sitek of TV On the Radio was so smitten when he first heard her that he promptly signed her to his Federal Prism label. She’s that good. This remix is heavy on the bass, and Kmeto’s vocals stir well with the beat, morphing the original industrial funk track into an equally powerful nightclub banger. Trent Reznor would approve. Kmeto's new album, Inevitable, is out in the first quarter of the year. PARKER HALL.

2. Divers, "Breathless"

Divers get labeled as a punk band, but on new track “Breathless,” they sound more like a band that never stopped listening to the latter-day Replacements. What comes out is a driving ‘80s-style melody with catchy chorus to match. This is the second track from the band’s forthcoming release, Hello Hello, a concept record following the escapades of two bank robbers on a cross-country spree, and it’s their first full-length since the band started playing live a few years ago. Oh, and it’s awesome. (PH)  

3. Amine x Les Sins, "Bother"

On Amine's latest remix, he takes a stab at "Bother," a track from Toro y Moi side project Les Sins, laying down verses where producer Chaz Bundick lets the beat breathe. In a vocal style akin to Danny Brown, Amine raps quickly without losing his speed, working to give the Les Sins original the treatment it deserves. LUCAS CHEMOTTI.

4. The Estranged, "Frozen Fingers"

Portland post-punk trio the Estranged have been at it for a while. On its latest self-titled release, the band takes the dark punk sound its been working for years, removing much of the Wipers influence and going further into Joy Division vein, as evidenced by this new track. Now they've booked a tour to Australia, had a feature on VICE and appear to be getting the credit they deserve, finally. (LC)

5. Dogheart, "Jawbone"

Not polished enough to be pop but not quite rough around the edges enough to be garage rock, either, newish Portland outfit Dogheart's track "Jawbone" is one thing for sure: catchy. The first track to be released off upcoming album What Burns the Best, its two and a half minutes fly by quickly. It's easy to get lost among the well-placed guitar hooks, perfectly distorted vocals and a movie montage vibe complete with fadeout. The trio, founded by former Pheasant guitarist Matt Jenkins last year, is releasing the full album in mid-February, and the band should continue to impress throughout 2015. (PH)