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Cleveland High Teacher Charged with Patronizing a Prostitute, Student Newspaper Reports

Patrick Kanealey, a 47-year-old social studies teacher at Cleveland High School, was charged last month with two misdemeanor counts of patronizing a prostitute, according to a Feb. 25 article in Cleveland's student newspaper, The Clarion.

"Word of Mr. Kanealey, a Cleveland government and economics teacher, being charged with two counts of patronizing a prostitute, traveled astoundingly fast after the first picture of his mugshot was tweeted by a Cleveland student, gaining 30 retweets and 42 favorites in only a couple of hours," The Clarion reports. "A flood of rumors hit the halls, continuously circulating without any official statement made or released by the administration or any other faculty members—their silence stemming from a place of legalities and the district’s Human Resources’ protective rules."

Details of Kanealey's Jan. 22 arrest remain unclear. Kanealey hasn't respond to a note from WW left at his home on Sunday.
Patrick Kanealey


An arrest report isn't available yet because the case is still open, Portland Police say. His lawyer, Robert Smith, hasn't responded to a request for comment.

A spokesman for Multnomah County sheriff's office, Lt. Steve Alexander, says Kanealey served a five-day sentence Feb. 21 to 25.

A spokeswoman for Portland Public Schools, Christine Miles, said Monday Kanealey remained on paid administrative leave.