After years of trying to open their own gallery, local artist couple Ashley Sloan and Calvin Ross Carl found themselves a spot between the Dancin' Bare strip club and Wells Fargo ATM on N. Interstate Ave. Carl & Sloan Contemporary will take over the space previously Nisus Gallery in Kenton's Disjecta arts building, a creative hub tucked in the otherwise unembellished northern neighborhood. 

The inaugural show, Testable Predictions, is a contemporary trifecta of Portland artists. Locals Amy Bernstein and Michelle Liccardo create paintings and sculptures, respectively, with bold color blocking and almost child-like, messy shapes. Perry Doane, who studied at PSU, makes minimalist screenprints—simple rectangles in cool, light hues that look suited to the white walls of a high-end nordic home.

What’s interesting about the show is it’s range, from bold paintings to airy prints to geometric sculptures; it’s like Carl & Sloan’s sampler platter since they haven’t established an aesthetic yet. Their plan for the next year is a series of solo shows alternating between local and New York talents, and to recruit standing artists they meet at Oregon art fairs.

As a twofer tonight, Carl & Sloan’s opening coincides with the premier weekend of Austin-based artist Andy Coolquitt’s minimalist show at Disjecta. Coolquitt’s exhibit is the product of his residency with Portland arts foundation c3:initiative and features a labyrinth of wooden walkways through water features, projection of Portland landscapes and a collection of items he found during this temporary residence in Portland. His theme is straightforward: great art can be anywhere. Carl and Sloan hope it’s especially great next to the Dancin' Bare.

Testable Prediction is at Carl & Sloan Contemporary Gallery 8371 N. Interstate Ave. (360) 608-9746. 6 pm-10 pm March 14. free.

art by Michelle Liccardo