The Drinking Lot: Bailey's is Running a Crazy Good Pop-Up Beer Bar in a Used Car Lot

Beers from Surly and Bell's, in a used-car lot.

All right, that's it. Shred your tents, ditch your trailers. The best parking lot party of the summer is already happening starting on Monday, April 13.

The Drinking Lot, from the same great people who brought you Bailey's Taproom, will feature three different beers from Surly on Monday, starting at 2 pm. Later in the week, they have Bell's Two-Hearted Ale. These are beers that geeks would give up the tips of their uplifted pinkies to drink.

Thanks to Bailey's owner Geoff Phillips, you can drink these rare and delicious beers in that screwed up used-car lot at the east end of the Burnside Bridge. The one by the mattress store and the "Cash for Cars" Subaru, under the creepy Coors Light sign that says "Feel the Rush of Refreshment." The car lot you've driven past hundreds of times and thought, "Does anybody actually buy cars there?" 

The beers will be served with that same digital pour system you get inside the beer bar, in pints and 7-ounce sizes. And they will taste all the sweeter under that Coors sign. On Wednesday and Thursday? Sandwiches from Bunk. Every day? Pizza from Pulehu.

See you at the Drinking Lot, Portland. Here's the crazy-ass beer list:

Monday 2 pm-10 pm 

Pints, Airways, pFriem, and Surly

Pints Konvention Kolsch

Pints Two Trees Rauchweizen

Pints Amerikaner in Berliner Weisse

Airways Pre Flight Pils

Airways Mosaic Pilsner

Airways Final Destination

Pfriem Little Saison

Pfriem Blond IPA

Pfriem Wit

Surly Witches Tower

Surly Devils Work

Surly Damien

Tuesday noon-10 pm  

Oakshire, Breakside, Holy Mountain, and Green Bench

Gigantic IPA – Pin

Oakshire Reclamation Lager

Oakshire Hopollo 7

Oakshire Free Your Soul

Breakside Wanderlust

Breakside Session Black IPA

Breakside Nice Pear

Holy Mountain White Lodge

Holy Mountain Ceremony

Holy Mountain The Arrow

Green Bench Coffee Pot Bayou

Green Bench De Soto Micro IPA

Green Bench Berliner Weisse

Wednesday noon-10 pm  

Upright, Crux, Almanac, and Mill City

Gigantic Snakebite – pin

Upright Smierlap! Beligan IPA

Upright Engelberg Pilsner

Upright Six

Crux Half Hitch

Crux Impasse

Crux Off Leash Session IPA

Almanac Golden Gate Gose

Almanac Valley of the Hearts Delight

Almanac Valencia Gold

Mill City Logsplitter

Mill City Tripwire

Mill City Redbeard IRA

Thursday noon-10 pm  

Gigantic, Block 15, Bells, and Monkish

Gigantic White Light White Heat – pin

Gigantic IPA

Gigantic Fancy Pants Raspberry Sour

Gigantic Most Most Premium Bourbon Barrel Aged RIS

Block 15 Glo Pilsner

Block 15 Enchantment

Block 15 Sticky Hands

Bells Two Hearted

Bells Kalamazoo Stout

Bells Wild One

Monkish Seme delle Vita Tripel

Monkish Floraison Saison

Monkish St. Citra

Friday noon-10 pm  

Ex Novo, Hopworks, Sun King, and Marble

Gigantic Pipewrench – Pin

Ex Novo Eliot IPA

Ex Novo Lime Juniper Wit

Ex Novo/De Garde Collab

Hopworks Hopsteiner collab IPX

Hopworks Stone collab CDA

Hopworks wine bbl aged Galactic

Sun King Hot Rod

Sun King Soul Shake

Sun Kin Osiris

Marble Brett IPA

Marble Double White

Marble Reserve

Saturday noon-10 pm 

Laurelwood, Flat Tail, and more.

Laurelwood Megafauna IIPA

Laurelwood Portlandia Pils

Laurelwood Piston Pale

Flat Tail Licentious Goat

Flat Tail Little Green

Flat Tail Kumquat Sour?

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