Forbes: Oregon Has the Cheapest Weed in America

It's time to change Oregon's nickname. We're the Cheap-Weed State.

Finance magazine Forbes has compared the price of an ounce of "high-quality" marijuana across all 50 states, and finds pot is less expensive in Oregon than anywhere else in the nation.

How much less? Nearly half the price of East Coast bud.

Using the website, Forbes says an ounce of premium pot costs $204 in Oregon—while hovering around $350 an ounce across most of the Atlantic seaboard.

"The price of an ounce of weed ranges so widely from state to state," Forbes writer Frank Bi says, "that someone who smokes an ounce a month can move from Pittsburgh to Portland, Ore., and save enough money for a year's worth of premium cable, the perfect companion for your habit."

Forces notes that pot prices are lowest in the four states that have legalized recreational cannabis.

WW has previously reported that the legalization of recreational marijuana is likely to lower its price, because less legal peril causes growers to charge less.

Mark Kleiman, a UCLA public policy professor who's written four books on drug laws, told WW in January that the price of Oregon weed will plummet—and that may mean the state will collect far less than expected in weed taxes.

"Imagine that the cost of producing a joint is a penny," Kleiman said. "Forty percent of nothing is nothing."

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