Portland Is Still the Strip Club Capital of America

Suck it, Houston.

Union Jacks

On Wednesday, Priceonomics shared an explainer called "Why Does Portland Have So Many Strip Clubs?" First, it sent its data team on "a thrilling quest to determine whether or not Portland really deserves the title of 'strip club capital.'" 

The team drew some conclusions that you might have already guessed at: Yes, there is another town with more strip clubs (Houston), but, as they quickly point out, "Houston's population, at 2.2 million, is nearly four times that of Portland!" 

Which means that once again we emerge victorious, with a table to prove it:

Of course, denizens of Portland already know and love our title of Strippiest City. We have every kind of stripping experience you could want here, from Stripparaoke to vegan strippers to strippers of smaller stature.

IMAGE: Christopher Onstott

But Priceonomics did not stop at pure numbers. No, it was digging for answers! Why is it, then, that we have such a preponderance of strip clubs? Well, it's our gosh-darn liberal leaning laws.

"Since [1859 when Oregon adopted its constitution], Oregon’s Supreme Court has vigorously defended this 'free expression' in all forms, resulting in something of a garden of eden for strip clubs," writes the website.

Even more recent attempts by the conservative element to stop the proliferation of strip clubs through zoning laws have failed, because "a club cannot be denied access to a location solely by the nature of its sexual content."

Look, we Oregonians have always been a people who take our freedom very seriously. Want to exercise your freedom? Here, let us help. 

Photos by Christopher Onstott

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