Is there anything Damian Lillard can't do?* 

We'll certainly find out next season, as Lillard is going to have to do everything to make the Blazers competitive. Meanwhile, though, the Last Blazer Left Standing has spent the summer killing the game in more ways than one: graduating from college, signing a massive contract extensive and becoming the international face of Adidas footwear. More than anything, he's been showing off his skills on the mic, dropping new studio tracks every few weeks and continuing to solidify his position as the NBA's best rapper.  

And last night, Dame DOLLA—that still doesn't sound right—took his music career one step further, taking the stage at Holocene for his first-ever live performance. Granted, it was only one song (this one, called "I Wish I Could Tell You"), but based on the scant video circulating online this morning, Lillard, as he often does in high-pressure situations, acquitted himself well. The impromptu performance came before local MC Glenn Waco's headlining set, who's having a pretty awesome week himself, having previously facilitated Janelle Monae's involvement in a Don't Shoot Portland protest.

We've only got the following 15 seconds of video right now, courtesy of We Out Here—which published this piece about how Lillard is impacting Portland hip-hop yesterday, suggesting they knew something was going to happen before the rest of us did—but based on all the phones visible in the clip, more substantial footage is sure to surface soon. When it does, we'll update it here. 

UPDATE, 11:45 am: Full video! It was actually less a full song than a guest verse with Oakland rapper Brookfield Deuce. He stops the song around 2:15 and invites Dame up. Check it:

*Other than play defense?