Times Reporter Who Wrote "36 Hours in Portland" Actually Hates Portland

Sometimes, you should avoid Twitter.

UPDATE: Freda Moon has deleted her original tweet so we've embedded screenshots instead. Also she is currently tweet-storming a sort-of apology

Last night, after what appears to be three bottles of wine and an unhappy trip through the comments section of the piece she wrote about how great Portland is, Freda Moon, New York Times writer and Person Who Might Want to Avoid Social Media, revealed her true feelings about our fair city via Twitter:

We've all gotten annoyed by the comments section. But usually, when that happens, one tries to maintain the upper hand by not responding: 
"Eh, whatever, I'm too good for this place anyway,"

But, Moon, who offers what I am sure is a reasonably priced "five-day course in travel writing, twice a year, in central Mexico," was not done with her Twitter rant.
Oh Freda Moon. It is sad that in your alleged 36 hours of getting—I'm assuming—Ubered to the places that Portland Monthly and The Oregonian suggested you check out, you missed seeing the really interesting parts of Portland. Maybe if you'd gotten out of the car or had a local show you around you could have gone a bit further afield to the places like the Portland Mercado, HK Cafe and El Inka, where you could have experienced an "International Night" that went beyond one cool German spot and the Thai place that is literally (and I only use this word when I mean it) impossible to get into.

Moon ended by throwing just a bit more shade our way:

Oh Freda Moon (your name is like a song). One hopes you can maintain your casual hip New York lifestyle after you are fired from the Times for tweeting about how much you hate the places you are forced to write about. Good luck!