The demolition of the 102-year-old Gas and Coke Building is proceeding despite a flurry of protests by community members late last week.

Photos taken by drone show the teardown has begun—with workers gutting the building's decaying interior and tossing it into dumpsters.

Activists were surprised last week to discover that the building's owner, ultility NW Natural, had begun the long-delayed demolition. The company says it has to tear the dilapidated office building down due to concerns about toxic materials both inside the structure and in the surrounding area. 

The building's unique architecture has made it a community favorite, and the company initially agreed to give supporters a chance to raise the money to preserve it. But the fundraiser fell far short of its $2 million goal.

NW Natural spokeswoman Melissa Moore told WW last week that during the 6-to-8-week teardown process, workers would begin by stripping out the interior of the building, then move on to the outside walls.

Over the weekend, Portland photographer Adam Simmons flew a drone over the structure to take final photos before the exterior demolition starts. Here are a few of his shots.