Snowpocalypse 2008: Where'd you end up today?

Fallen Tree-WellingtonPark
Feel free to add your own SNOWPOCALYPSE 2008 trials and tribulations in comments:
  1. The #15 bus headed down Sandy Boulevard to downtown confused every single rider because it sported the sign “Powell Garage” above the outer front windows. Turns out the bus' overhead outside sign had actually frozen and the driver hadn't been able to change destination names for hours. She just opened the doors and shouted "DOWNTOWN!!!!" at every stop and let the frozen lemmings pile on.
  2. I hitchhiked to work. A nice-looking criminal defense lawyer named Eric Hale picked me up in his brand-new Volvo SUV on E. Burnside near 28th. I told him it's really hard to get away with murder these days, so he shouldn't even try it. And if he does murder me, Willamette Week might not come out and people would notice...
  3. I'm watching my poor dogs trying to poop in snow up to their stomachs.
  4. I waited about 45 minutes to catch the #15, and someone at the bus stop at 28th and Belmont told me that an earlier bus got stuck on the short hill up 25th and Belmont that leads to Morrison. Getting over to the Westside was fine but then the bus got stuck at the corner of 23rd and Burnside. Two other buses and a car were stuck, and traffic was backed up like five blocks down Burnside. Cars were honking. I just walked the rest of the way.
  5. I've heard a couple stories about people (no, I was not one of them) who put their chains on the wrong set of wheels—i.e., rear wheels when they have front-wheel-drive and vice versa—only to have their error pointed out to them by people helping push them out of the road.
  6. People waited 45 minutes for the The MLK #6 line at NE Ainsworth on Monday morning, at which point a tow-truck driver stopped by to inform them that the bus had "fallen into a ditch." When the bus arrived 45 minutes later, it was so packed that half the waiting commuters had to be turned away.
Image: This ice-laden tree came down across Northeast Mason Street, missing the car on the right by only a few feet.

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