palpable charisma
Q: Why Buddhism? What about it called you?
Why has Buddhism seen such an explosion in the West?
In your view, is there a redeeming value within the Abrahamic religions?
What other global issues concern you
What role can Buddhism play in fixing these problems? A criticism that has been leveled against the religion is that it can be a bit withdrawn.
How does one divorce those beliefs? Can a person really hold religious and political ideas separately without the one contaminating the other? Can you take a stance as a moral agent, and then claim you're not being political?
What is a typical day like for you? How much time do you spend in meditation?
What does that mean? Is there a certain awareness that you carry around with you all the time?
What is your goal going forward?
How many schools do you have?
Doesn't it become hard to have personal relationships with the students when you have so many?
Bonus: Here are some videos of Lama Ole speaking to his students:
First topic: Karma
The "Mahamudra"
And Meditation