Four Cannabis and Tea Pairings to Cure What Ails You

Suggested strain pairings to most effectively amplify your tea time.

Cannabis is about enhancing experiences. Whether it's going to a movie or a gourmet dinner, or just trying to get a good night's sleep, we decide what to smoke or nibble based on what happens next. It's a lot like the way we drink tea—whether we need a caffeinated boost or a way to help settle nerves, we reach for a certain type of tea based on what effects we seek.

Here, I've listed a suggested strain pairing to most effectively amplify your tea time with cannabis.

Black Tea + Lemon Meringue

With a cup of strong black tea, you're looking for caffeine and rich flavor. Personally, I take the English route with cream and sugar. Even an Earl Grey purist who drinks it straight enjoys that subtle floral sweetness. Instead of a complementary pastry, opt for a few puffs of Lemon Meringue flower by Ten Four Farms for a pleasant boost of energy to supplement that cup. The blend of energizing Lemon Skunk and the stonier Cookies & Cream can quickly relieve stress and give you a little mood lift to survive the rest of a workday.

Buy it: $12 a gram at Pure Green, 3738 NE Sandy Blvd.

White + Valentine X

If you're drinking white tea, you probably seek focus without the scattered buzz that can come from too much caffeine. Said to contain some of the higher concentrations of antioxidants, you can make the most of the healthy effects of white tea by pairing it with a joint of Valentine X by Phyre Farms. People with chronic pain, inflammation, joint issues and endocrine problems have enjoyed tremendous relief by regularly consuming this high-CBD strain with ACDC genetics. The clear-headed high feels like closing all the extra tabs on your mental desktop.

Buy it: $8 a gram at Ivy Cannabis, 11850 N Center Ave.

Green + Mindful Kush

The health effects of green tea go beyond the antioxidants and metabolism boost. Stimulating the brain and the body, diehards seeking a refreshing cup of traditional matcha can round out that zen boost with the equally stimulating Mindful Kush by Mindful Farms. A cross of its Kashmir Kush—which contains some buzzy Diesel genetics—and the sativa-heavy 818 Headband, the result is uplifting and cerebral. The flower has a Diesel flavor grounded by the mossy earthiness of Headband, which can be sweetened by drinking a more floral jasmine green tea.

Buy it: $10 a gram at Progressive Collective, 9810 E Burnside St.

Herbal + Lavender Trinity

Just because you aren't in the mood for caffeine doesn't mean you aren't seeking a mood adjustment. Next time you're winding down with an herbal infusion, get a balanced high with a few draws from the Lavender Trinity vape cartridge by Evolvd. Containing oil extracted from flower made by a cross of Doc Trinity and Trinity Lavender, this 3-to-1 ratio of 62.3 percent THC and 19.89 percent CBD is the ultimate, whole-bodied high that won't weigh you down or heighten you to a state of panic.

When actually under the weather, I turn to anything packed with licorice root—for example, when I have a sore throat or upset stomach or just smoked one too many joints in a particular week. If smoking or vaping is too harsh on your throat, stir in some Müru THC syrup for a smooth high that won't irritate your respiratory system. One bottle contains 50 mg for you to stir in as much or as little as you like, and comes in multiple flavors.

Buy it: $35 for a half-gram Evolvd cartridge and $20 for Müru syrup at Botanica, 128 SE 12th Ave.

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