It's funny that in this new, refined era of weed culture, April 20 is still treated as if it were an actual holiday. But the date doesn't appear to be losing its relevance among cannabis consumers, even in legal states like Oregon.

This Friday, you'll find deals at dispensaries all over Portland, and parties stretching into the evening. Here are your six best options for celebrating the true high holiday.

Earth to Her Party

Asian-American artist Tina Snow Le's ongoing Inner Space exhibit at One Gallery is an exploration of "strength, vulnerability and acceptance" through the lens of cannabis. She's using the holiday to launch Earth to Her, a new line of cannabis accessories which is effectively an offshoot of those ideas, whose stated aim is to "challenge the visual culture of cannabis." Don't worry, though—we're pretty sure no one will judge you for toking out of a Coke can in the parking lot before going in. One Grand Gallery, 1000 E Burnside St., 971-266-4919, 7 pm. Free.

Coalition Brewing's CBD Beer Festival

Coalition makes Two Flowers IPA, the first and, as far as we know, only commercially available CBD-infused beer in Oregon. That wouldn't seem to make for much of a festival, but the brewery is promising "several" tingle-inducing brews at this inaugural event, along with a new beer brewed using OG Kush terpenes. Coalition Brewing Co., 2705 SE Ankeny St., 503-894-8080, 3 pm. Free.

Weed Aficionado's 4/20 Party

Looking for a bougier stoner party? Weed Aficionado magazine—something about that title makes me giggle for some reason—is hosting this soiree at the boutique Jupiter Hotel adjacent to Doug Fir Lounge. Twenty-five dollars gets you swag bags, music from rock-'n'-soul outfit the Kinky Brothers and access to a "weed bus," while an extra $30 will get you into a special VIP room. What's in there? Only one way to find out! Jupiter Hotel, 800 Burnside St., 503-230-9200, 6 pm. $25 general admission, $55 VIP.

No Vacancy's 420 Celebration featuring Ex Mag 

Select Oil hosts this party at Portland's most ambitious new dance club with electro soul-funk trio ExMag, which only sounds a little bit like a Lonely Island gag. No Vacancy, 235 SW 1st Ave. 8 pm. $4.20. 21+.

Portland Best Buds' 4/20 Pro Wrestling Rock Show Party

Pro wrestling and weed aren't typically associated with one another—fans of Broken Matt Hardy might argue that point—but they aren't the most unnatural combination in the world, either. This North Portland dispensary is bringing the two together, along with live bands, munchies and, of course, a group of drag queens hoping to register a bunch of very high people to vote. No word on which wrestlers will be appearing, but if you blow a dank enough cloud in the vicinity of a ring, legend has it that you'll summon the ghost of Rob Van Dam—and if you get that joke, then this is definitely the 4/20 party for you. Portland Best Buds, 6313 N Lombard St, 503-954-1862, 3 pm. Free.

Hamsterdam Cafe's 420 Smoke Party

The Hamsterdam Cafe is a "cannabis social club" more accurately described as a college flophouse near PSU that sells memberships to stoners in need of a spot to smoke without fear of reprisal. You just know a place like that was gonna go, well, HAM on the stoniest day of the year. A bunch of bands you've never heard of are scheduled to play throughout the day, but the real enticement to come through is a promised ice bong-carving tutorial. That's right—fucking ice bongs, just like what the Vikings used to smoke out of. Hamsterdam Cafe, 2057 SW Park Ave., 503-342-7352, 4:20 pm. Free.